Education Committee

The committee organizes educational programs. The committee maintains the resource center (library) of the YZA. The main function is to handle the 5 groups of study. The committee is also responsible in organizing the annual exam for all five groups and certifying the well educated.

Public Relation Committee

This committee coordinates activities with branch organizations and conduct educational programs for the public. Specially conducts Lectures and Workshops in Schools and Dhamma (Sunday) Schools.

Publication Committee

Publication committee handles and is a proud publisher of some very informative publications of YZA. The publications of YZA are an important aspect of the knowledge and the contribution of awareness to the public.

Research Committee

Research committee is the corner-stand of YZA. It is through research that YZA achieves its ultimate goal of nature conservation.

Environmental Action Committee

This committee carries out the groundwork of conservation programs by handling campaigns, protests and movements. The main objective of this committee is to be involved in finding solutions for environmental programs in Sri Lanka, by analyzing the solution and the course for the situation.